Canada Wendy's Pieplant (Rhubarb) Pie

And now for the luscious Wendy with a glorious recipe from Canada.The recipe involves mutants,half-dressed boyfriends and alliteration.What more could you ask for??

Today was a lovely/sweaty/muggy/energy sucking day in Toronto.So I did what any person in their right mind would do in these conditions…pre-heated my oven to 400F to make a pie.

Last week when I spied the fresh rhubarb at the year's first farmer's market in Nathan Phillip's Square,I made a decision on the spot."A week from this day,"I thought,"I will make a pie."That day,I had no money.

When pie manbetx万博体育客户端time arrived,nothing was going to stop me from baking.Not the weather and the beads of perspiration on my nose;not my half-naked boyfriend (wearing only shorts) who tied me up to keep me from heating up the apartment even more.No matter – I made him bake the pie.

Ok,so I made the pie.The following documents my adventure:

Here is the mutant rhubarb I purchased.You can't really see its mutant qualities;mutant meaning that it was uncharacteristically huge.This picture shows like,less than half of it.Or maybe I've just never seen large rhubarb.


The recipe suggested that I could use store-bought crust if I was lazy enough.Since I am,我同意了。I hope you don't think less of me.


I diced up the pieplant (once upon a manbetx万博体育客户端time,people called rhubarb"pieplant".I think"Pieplant Pie"is much more entertaining than"Rhubarb Pie");then added dry ingedients – sugar,and salt.


Then,I added melted butter and a beaten egg.Mixing it up,I contemplated its fine goo-iness.This led to realizing that I had forgotten the flour when I mixed in the dry ingredients.Fearing explosions,I added the flour at this late stage.Luckily,only slight eruptions occured.Here's what it looked like when it calmed down:


So.This recipe was supposed to make one 10 inch pah.I had 2 nine inch crusts,and soon discovered that I had enough mixture for both of them.Here's the twins:


Next,the recipe demanded that I combine sugar,flour and cold butter until it became coarse crumbs.一个小指行动起了作用。


After sprinkling the mixture atop the pies,I took a blurry picture for artistic effect.


After 40 minutes in the oven,here's the results.The other pah looks exactly the same.*Cough*


Topping it with some no-sugar-added ice cream (to cancel out the pie),I was ready to scarf some Pieplant Pie.Mmm…pieplant.



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